Need to know who you've reached out to recently or who's paid you? How about connecting with customers to follow up on reorders or to wish them a happy birthday? You can do this and more. We've got pre-built reports or use the many filters to create your own special customer groups and reports.


Want to know where your sales are coming from (website, reorder, seasonal, etc.)? How about the discounts you've given and sales tax collected? Access all of this plus, your personal use, and business supplies quickly!


View what you have in-stock, inventory purchased, or which products have sold at any given time. You can also find out which items have reached their shelf-life or have expired. And if you're running a special sale for a particular item, or an item is being re-launched, you need to know who's purchased it. With Boulevard, you've got that info!


Get as detailed as you need - from tracking mileage to viewing a summary of expense categories or including the details for each. Need more info? Additional filtering options allow you to create a custom report and even export it into several different file formats.

Boulevard gives you the tools and confidence so that tax reporting is smooth and uncomplicated!